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ASE Certified Mechanic in Madison WI


Dave Henry, Owner

Dave Henry is the owner of Dave’s Auto Service and a ASE certified master technician. Most important he loves cars. Dave has been an Automotive Service Excellence certified Master Technician since 1973. As a Master Technician, Dave has passed rigorous testing in the areas of: engines, automatic and manual transmissions, driveline, air conditioning, brakes, suspension repair, and electrical repair. Additionally, he is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, as required by law, to work on air conditioning.

Dave’s career in automotive repair began at the age of twelve, when he tore his father’s lawnmower apart to make a go-cart. Although his father was not pleased, this initiated a genuine passion for cars and a lifetime of automotive repair excellence. His first car was 1965 GTO that had been stolen and stripped down to the bare body. He scoured the local junkyards for an engine, transmission and the rest of the missing parts and put the car back together.

Over the years Dave has built a variety street cars, race cars, and trucks. The current project is a 1993 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL.


Paul Buckham

Paul has been in the Automotive Industry since 1992. He is extremely passionate about his work. He specializes and loves working on Transmission rebuilds. He has been a valued team member at Dave’s for over 8 years. Paul says, “Dave’s is the place you want to work. We are always busy, we have a phenomenal team, we get along with our customers, and Dave is a good guy to work for!” When Paul is not at the shop he enjoys playing guitar, grilling, fishing, camping at Two Rivers beach and especially working on his 80’s model Dodge Daytona.


Danny Ranck

Danny has been working on cars since he was fourteen years old, and he doesn’t want to stop anytime soon. He loves his job, he gets to use his hands, weld, and fix things that are broken. Danny has been at Dave’s Auto Service for just over two years and he enjoys where he works. “The atmosphere is positive, and allows me to be creative, that’s something you cannot do in a corporate or retail shop.” When Danny is not at the shop he enjoys spending as much time as he can with his sweet daughter, his five dogs, working on his motorcycles and cars, and when he can get time he loves to go snowboarding at Ski Brule in Iron River.


Joe Carey

Joe has been working in the industry for five years. He specializes in brakes, suspension and alignment. He has been working for Dave for almost two years and he enjoys that Dave’s Auto Service is an independent shop and not a corporation. Joe commented, “It’s nice because being an independent shop, Dave truly can cater to his customer’s needs and their situations, he is always fair.”   Joe takes his passion for cars outside of work, he enjoys building performance cars and modifying his Subaru WRX. He loves to take automotive photography, draw, play guitar and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.


Barbara Sovitsky

Barbara is a vital member of the Dave’s team. She has been passionate about accounting since 1981 and actually did a two year stint in the Peace Corps as a volunteer, teaching accounting in Fiji in the late 90’s. She enjoys her job at Dave’s, because like the technicians, she enjoys her work and her work is her passion. In her spare time Barbara loves to travel to see her family in Maryland and Mississippi. Her hobbies outside of her love of numbers include skiing, traveling, and watching the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. And trying to figure out her dog, Sadie.

Sage, Shop Dog

Sage is a male Collie. He is about four and a half years old now. I got him when he was three months old from a young boy who had to give him up because his nails were scratching the maple floors at his parent’s expensive home. He has the most friendly, nicest temperament of any dog I have met. I don’t think he has ever growled or shown his teeth in anger in his life. He loves to come to the shop to met new people and visit with old friends. His hobbies include chasing squirrels that venture into the back yard, chewing rawhide bones (and shoes), relaxing with the cats. and any walk anywhere, anytime.


Dave's Auto Service

4822 Pflaum Road
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